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Birthdate:Mar 14
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
HH Anon Fic Meme.


RPS and Fic welcome of all types, but please remember to warn for anything triggering and use clear ratings on prompts (we'll go with the fic-standard G/PG/PG-13/R/NC-17 ratings).

Full rules and prompt formatting guidance can be found at each round.

We also welcome fic based on the cast's other projects [including (but certainly not limited to) Gavin and Stacy, Spy, Benny and the Bull, Horne & Corden, Double Science etc.] in a separate prompt post. For the smaller/newer/niche fandoms such as Spy and Double Science, prompts need not be limited to the relevant HH actor's character, because we all clearly love these projects just as much. This means that Chris/Tim is allowed - nay, encouraged vehemently - as much as, say, Tim/Examiner. This is a transparent attempt by the mod to avoid having to make a separate Spy meme, and she wants all the fic. ALL THE SPY FIC. ALL OF IT.

Archived prompts and fills can be found here at Delicious.

Interests (20):

alice lowe, ben willbond, darren boyd, double science, gavin and stacy, greg jenner, horne and corden, horrible histories, james corden, jim howick, larry rickard, laurence rickard, lawry lewin, martha howe-douglas, mat baynton, mathew baynton, mathew horne, simon farnaby, spy, terry deary
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